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I am a horror writer and true crime author who mixes dark fantasy ramblings with journeys into the dark worlds of humanity. I hope to make this website fun and enjoyable for you where you will find updates on my works and stories.

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Why I Write Horror Stories


How does one go from an innocent child to a creator of bloodshed and suffering?

I won’t explain in this post how I was brought up, schooled and tutored, that’s in another post. If you want my history, you have come to the wrong place. Here I will attempt to explain briefly why I write horror stories as opposed to pretty little fairy tales.

One of my favorite authors, Clive Barker, in the opening text of his wonderful book, Sacrament, spoke the following words…

I am a man, and men are animals who tell stories. This is a gift from God, who spoke our species into being, but left the end of our story untold. That mystery is troubling to us. How could it be otherwise? Without the final part, we think, how are we to make sense of all that went before: which is to say, our lives?

So we make stories of our own, in fevered and envious imitation of our Maker, hoping that we’ll tell, by chance, what God left untold. And finishing our tale, come to understand why we were born.”

It is to an extent one of the very reasons I needed to write horror after many wonderful nights spent with the imagination and bizarre darkness of Clive Barker. He opened a door for me in which I could become free within the context of my tales. His capability allowed me to express myself in ways that had hitherto been forced to remain hidden through the legalities and morality of the society in which I live.

Why I write Horror stories

Why write horror stories though?

I believe that through horror, in reaching out to the darkest parts of the human mind, I am able to understand more of the world around me. Living in the darkness of my blood tales under the veil of demons and serial killers allows me to better appreciate the light all around me.

By writing about things that sometimes shock me and darken my soul, I am releasing myself of the frustration of being a human animal. Once the words have poured onto the paper or computer screen, I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Not unlike most writers feel, yet, I feel that if I cannot funnel the darkness within, into tales of horror, then that darkness will stay with me, frustrating me until I release it.

I guess you could say that for me, writing horror stories, is releasing the darkness within.

Freedom from the horrors of reality?

In case you didn’t know, I am also a student of the Occult and have dedicated my life to discovering what lays beyond the veil of our everyday existence. Contrary to popular, and not so popular belief, living in an Occult world is happier and more fulfilling that one could ever think.

Sometimes, through my work and not so far away from the veils of reality, in the news, on the street, in the local bars, there are far worst horrors taking place than I could ever dream up. Even in my own life there are those awful things not too far away. In writing short horror stories and longer horror tales, I also find a way out from the horrors of everyday life.

It is fundamentally an outlet of creative expression.

Yet, most of all – I just love it!

Kinga Paine – March, 2014

The Broken


This is a fantastic splatter-punk style cover that I am in love with at the moment.

When I wrote this, I didn’t realize that there were so many books with the same title but it is my interpretation of The Broken that would hopefully make this story scream higher than the rest. Only joking – but I already wrote it with the title in mind, thus…

Welcome to The Broken. They are demons from the dark world whose only hope of returning home is to win a demon death match whilst in possession of a human body.

When a young mass murderer ends up in a mental institution, she finds herself haunted by the spirit of a long forgotten demon who only has her suffering on its mind. Trapped, lonely and in fear of her life there is nothing she will not do to escape the torture of her soul. The demon offers her a way out from the pain but it will involve the possession of her flesh for one final death match.

WARNING – this short story of 6500 words is overly gross, darkly comical, and riotously raw with demonically murderous tendencies not suitable for children or those of a sensitive disposition!!

Available at all good digital book stores!



I was surprised when writing this as to how many people had never heard of a Sprite. Impish and fairy-like in nature, I decided to put my own ungodly twist on the Sprite legend…

When Sylvia discovers that she has Sprites in her apartment, she seeks out a man in the know. He tells her that Sprites do not exist, but if they did – she should be very worried about their true intentions.

Beautiful to look at, wonderful to witness, yet Sprites are born of evil and have nothing but the consumption of human blood on their minds. Will you submit your blood willingly or will they have to employ the Spritely to destroy you?

“There’s a difference, my friend, between the colorful myths of folklore and the darkness of the human world.”

SPRITES is a short folk horror story of 7500 words – perfect for a swift read anywhere.

NX3: Extreme World – Sub Nation


How to kill someone -

How would YOU kill someone and get away with it? How would you pull off the perfect murder?

That’s how it began – an open discussion between five friends about the pros and cons of the perfect murder. Little did they know at the time that their actions would end up changing the lives of thousands of people in the years that followed. As they work their way through the plan, an idea is unknowingly seeded that will take the friends further into darkness than they would ever have thought possible.

NX3 is a blood cult you may never have heard of – but you’re about to realize how far some people will go in the pursuit of a dark paradise.

WARNING – if you’ve never read Kinga Paine then don’t – just don’t. This story contains explicit sexual references, specific and very accurate details of the act of a perfect murder, gore and unadulterated use of multiple curse words. If you are to be alarmed by anything of this nature then please leave now.

This 15000 word story is based on fact. NX3 is a real cult that exists to this day and Kinga Paine has had constant but intermittent contact with the group, as she was one of of the original five founders of NX3. She has distanced herself from the cult but writes her version of events now so that others may know what hides in the shadows.


Snowbound by JA Ellis

From a new female horror writer…

Description from Amazon:  The storm of the century is beginning, and Charlotte is ready to wait it out by herself. But once the snow starts falling, and the lights go out, she begins to realize she’s not alone. Strange creatures are prowling around her house, and as the snow piles up, Charlotte must find a way out. Before they find a way in.

Click on the image for more!

Tragic Tales of Strange Girls by Suzy G

Great to see another female horror writer come to the scene!

Description from Amazon: Her whole world is restricted to an underground bunker– a place she now shares with the corpse of her mother…

Stuck in a utility closet with a boyfriend and a bite wound, a teenage girl fights to stay alive while a horde of zombies do their best to claw their way in…

Tragic Tales of Strange Girls is a collection of six horror short stories. Each girl is a bit strange, each story a bit creepy, and each ending–almost assuredly–a bit tragic.

Click on the image for more!

Fourteen Shades of Horror by John Wing

I love short horror stories (duh!) and this is a nice collection from John Wing.

Description from Amazon: Fourteen shades of horror comprises stories that will take you to the farthest reaches of your imagination. Some are subtle in their telling, whilst others are more profoundly horrific. When you’ve read these fourteen tales you will have looked horror in the face and know what true fear is.

Click the image for reviews!